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  1. f/1.8
  2. 1/2778 sec
  3. 4.58mm
  4. ISO 125

SIRO Tiles

Streetart piece spotted by baze.djunkiii @ Lerchenstrasse / Hamburg on May 13th, 2k18

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#siro  #tiles

  1. f/2
  2. 54699/100000000 sec
  3. 3.63mm
  4. ISO 125

A Sequence Of Tiles In Lisboa / Portugal

What just seems to be a sequence of old, ornamental tiles in Lisboa / Portugal at first glance turns out to be a very elaborated streetart piece created by an unknown artist on closer inspection. Seen and captured by Maren Heuvels on September 26th, 2014.

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  1. f/2.2
  2. 1/33 sec
  3. 3.81mm
  4. ISO 125

Hamburg Tiles: SPAM vs. HALLO KARLO

Multi-tile double feature including pieces by the ever active SPAM and HALLO KARLO, captured by baze.djunkiii at an undisclosed location in Hamburg on May 8th, 2k16.

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#hallo karlo  #spam  #tiles