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  1. f/1.8
  2. 1/17 sec
  3. 4.58mm
  4. ISO 500

Define: Hypertristesse

The creepiest, saddest and most fucked up smiley face in the world. Photographed by baze.djunkiii @ Münchener Strasse / Erlangen on September 1st, 2k18

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  1. f/2.2
  2. 1/266 sec
  3. 3.81mm
  4. ISO 125

A Creeped Out Smiley Face

Sticker piece discovered by baze.djunkiii on the corner of Reeperbahn and Davidstrasse in Hamburg's red light district on April 2nd, 2k17

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  1. f/2.2
  2. 1/453 sec
  3. 3.81mm
  4. ISO 100

A Strange Face

Seen and captured by baze.djunkiii @ Julius-Ertel-Strasse in Hamburg on March 15th, 2k17.

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