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  1. f/1.8
  2. 1/268 sec
  3. 4.58mm
  4. ISO 100

Voodoo Skull Sticker

These mysterious skulls are appearing all over Hamburg these days. Photographed by baze.djunkiii at an undisclosed location on September 28th, 2k18

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  1. f/1.8
  2. 1/25 sec
  3. 4.58mm
  4. ISO 125

Fuckin' Voodoo Magic, Man

Mysterious and haunting skull sticker captured by baze.djunkiii @ Neuer Kamp / Hamburg on August 28th, 2k18

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#liquid sky berlin  #skull

  1. f/4.5
  2. 1/400 sec
  3. 13.041001mm
  4. ISO 800

Streetart Covered Wall In Jogja / Indonesia

WASH YOUR BRAIN says the thought-bubble popping up right to the upper red character piece. Captured by Maren Heuvels on June 14th, 2014 in the Taman Budaya district of Jogja / Indonesia

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#character  #characters  #emo  #skull  #taman budaya  #wash your brain