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  1. f/2.2
  2. 1/290 sec
  3. 3.81mm
  4. ISO 125

HEAVY CRATES Mural @ In Hamburg St. Pauli

Nice oldskool style graffiti piece promoting the Groove City recordstore, seen by baze.djunkiii in Hamburg St. Pauli on May 29th, 2016. Also in this picture - a tag piece by EZZO, the famous KARTOFFELTIERCHEN and streetart bits by SPÄM and PUSH;

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#ezzo  #groove city  #heavy crates  #kartoffeltierchen  #push  #spam

  1. f/2
  2. 34999/500000 sec
  3. 3.63mm
  4. ISO 500

PUSH Streetart Piece @ Schanze / Hamburg

Accompanied by two cute creatures and a DGS tag this piece was captured on March 1st, 2014 by Maren Heuvels

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#push  #schanze  #tag