About Streetart Daily

Streetart Daily is a project set up by the Hamburg-based DJ / producer / label manager / record dealer / networking person / music writer and youtube video creator known under the name of baze.djunkiii.

This website is meant to reflect his view on his urban environment, to archive and capture things remarkable - stickers, graffiti pieces, photography, possibly even architecture and whatever seems to be interesting in future times.

Streetart Daily is not intending to be the next hip streetart website of the moment as there's no interest in any kind of hipsterism here. The website's not intending to be funny, cool, trendy or whatever - there won't be any cute cat pictures or MEMEs at all.

It's meant to keep records of what's happening out there - or what used to happen as there are plans to unveil a bunch of classic photos from the 90s as well.

If you want to get in touch please use nitestylez (at) intrauterin-recordings.de as contact adress but keep in mind that we do not like newsletters.

The following people have contributed to Streetart Daily up to this date:

- Adam "Sense" Raisbeck, Melbourne / Australia
- Dr. Walker of Air Liquide / Liquid Sky Berlin / LSB.TV, Berlin / Germany
- Elec Ice, Berlin / Germany
- GEM1
- Katharina Mohr, Hamburg / Germany
- Maren Heuvels, Hamburg / Germany
- Marla, Kiel / Germany
- Owain Kimber of Innate, Cardiff / UK
- Phly, Hamburg / Germany
- Rumble D.VA, Hamburg / Germany
- Sheldon Drake, Berlin / Germany
- The Crystal Apes, Hamburg / Germany
- Thomas Wiedemann of Minor Label, Leipzig / Germany
- Tobi Fjoellkvalter, Munich / Germany

Contributors will be credited in captions as well.


This website is set up for documentary purposes only. We DO NOT commit, support or encourage vandalism or willful damage to property owned by others!