Streetart Daily

Like with many things the Hamburg-based DJ, producer, label manager, music writer and electronic music activist baze.djunkiii is invlvd in the early origins of this project x website - Streetart Daily - can be traced way back to the 90s.

A fully dedicated teenage raver at heart in those days and all around fan of all things electronic music and related baze.djunkiii soon started to embrace the idea of music scenes not only being a solely sonic phenomenon but being related to a culture, or better: various cultures, all intertwined and interconnected in their specific form of expression, their visual imagery, their marks left and to be found on the street - be it the colourful Techno and Rave flyers of the 90s or the tags, wholetrains and pieces created by a multitude of HipHop and graffiti artists all around the world, later accompanied by a growing sticker culture and, later on, a widely accepted rise of what was later to become known as Streetart in all its now popular iterations.

With an interest sparked in this visual tapestry the young baze.djunkiii began to occasionally capture elusive graffiti pieces on trains around Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein in 1994 or 1995 and later, with the advent of mobile phone cameras and quasi unlimited cheap digital storage space, started to focus on the raw, oftentimes undocumented and overlooked side of this elusive and for the most part only temporary movement that lives, grows and sprawls on every street corner, every traffic sign and basically in every form of urban environment that surrounds us.

This page is an unfiltered archive set up for those who know and those who don't, for the most part built from baze.djunkiii's ever growing photo archive occasionally complemented by generous contributions by like-minded folks from various walks of life.